Tiger quoll

Tiger quoll are among the most interesting species of animals, at least in my opinion. Quoll, Tiger or tiger-cat – one of the 6 species of marsupials martens (Dasyurus) and the largest of them. It is the largest carnivorous marsupial of Australia and the mainland’s second largest native Australian predators, after the Tasmanian Devil. Adult animals reach about 7 kg otiger quollf weight. Tiger Quoll is a strong, hardy and very agile animal that competes with the importations into Australia placental predators such as foxes and feral cats later. Compete with such animals Tiger quoll help not only his size and strength, but also very developed by the standards of intellect marsupials. Tiger Quoll complex rather tightly. He has a large head with broad forehead, with well-developed mandibles, which is characteristic of carnivorous marsupials, are very wide open. Tiger quoll is very clever as on the ground and in trees. Hind legs longer than his front. Toes quite mobile and the animal can perform their primitive grasping function. Tiger quoll nevtyazhnye claws, but strong and sharp. The long tail acts as a balancer, while jumping and climbing trees. Due to their strength and resourcefulness, the spectrum extraction Tiger Quoll is very wide. It preys on a variety of mammals, with which only can handle it, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and various invertebrates. Quoll is active mostly at dusk or at night. Dasyure lead a solitary lifestyle. Pairs can be found only in the breeding season, which occurs at the beginning of winter. Pr

egnancy lasts okoklo 21 days. On average, born from 4 to 6 pups. Cubs remain in the mother’s pouch for about 7 weeks. Grown young mother carries on her back already. Approximately 3.5 months, they have become completely independent, and at the age of 1 year reach sexual maturity.


Class: Mammalia (mammals or animals)

Subclass: Theria (viviparous mammals, animals or real)

Infraclass: Metatheria, or Marsupialia (marsupials)
Detachment: Dasyuromorphia (carnivorous marsupials)
Family: Dasyuridae (carnivorous marsupials)
Subfamily: Dasyurinae (carnivorous marsupials)
Genus: Dasyurus (Quoll, or tiger-cat)
Species: Dasyurus maculatus (Tiger Quoll, Tiger, spotted or pyatnistohvostaya dasyure)

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